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Your Resume Writer,

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"He was very thorough and knowledgeable. He had a fast reply to my emails and any questions I had he was sure to answer. I'd definitely recommend having your professional resume made by Teodor."

Cam M. | 30th Mar 2018

"Teodor entirely recreated my resume and it definitely stands out now. It fits onto one page without leaving out any important information. Absolutely love the results. Thank you!"

Lubava L. | 26th Mar 2018

"Reliable and timely replies. Will recommend the service to friends and family."

Alexandra T. | 25th Mar 2018

"A very professional and skilled individual. Teodor was very willing to give guidance and explain in-depth to every question I had. He proposed many ideas to better my own writing and you can count on him for his honesty in regards to your own resumes and cover letters. An overall very knowledgeable editor and writer and I recommend you hire him for your future resumes and cover letter writing."

Lukas R. | 25th Mar 2018

"Extremely professional and helpful! The job was done fast and very well! I liked the fact that I was provided with a file with tips about the resume and interviews! The communication was easy and I was very pleased when receiving my resume!"

Perry T. | 27th Feb 2018

"Did a fantastic job on my resume and gave some very insightful tips on applying to jobs!"

Martin P. | 22nd Feb 2018

"Teodor is a patient guy, I had him make me a new resume combining my past skills and work experience into a more concise document. I would say it was a challenging job, as I didn't want to do it. He did a good job, the document was professionally done, and he followed up with me to make sure I was 100% satisfied. He also has great rates for the effort and work that he puts into making a quality resume."

Jeff S. | 19th Feb 2018

"Extremely thorough and very professional. Very happy with the results of my cover letter and resume. Teodor went above and beyond for me and created a list of tips and advice that will assist me in my job search. Thanks again, Teodor."

Faith H. | 19th Feb 2018

"From my initial inquiry to receiving my completed resume, cover letter and tips and advice doc , my experience with Teodor was very positive. Teodor replied immediately to my initial enquiry. His questions were thorough and easy to follow. He asked for further details I had not thought of; I am very impressed. Having a diverse background of experience he followed my request to write a resume with a complete career change in mind: he did exactly that. Thank you Teodor for all your hard work. I will be recommending your services."

Liz L. | 17th Feb 2018

"Very good job! 
Teodor went above and beyond and completed my documents in a timely manner!"

Aleksei N. | 13th Feb 2018

"Teodor did a wonderful job rewriting my resume and cover letter. He was very professional, kind, insightful and had a great turn around producing my new documents. I could not be happier with the results! I would happily recommend him and his services!"

Nora G. | 13th Feb 2018

"Asked the right questions to find out the info he needed for a professional resume and cover letter . Recommended to others."

Cory M. | 12th Feb 2018

“Teodor went above and beyond in doing such a fantastic job on my resume and cover letter. He was extremely professional, excellent at promptly returning emails and was such a pleasure to deal with. Teodor completed my resume and two different cover letters in a rush situation. Would highly recommend his services! Thank you again for all your hard work which produced a fantastic resume for me!”

Marianne A. | 7th Feb 2018

"I just had my resume and cover letter done Teodor, and I am 100% happy the results, he asked all the right questions, some that I hadn’t even thought off. Very quick results. I would totally recommend Teodor in a heartbeat, awesome job!"

Maureen L. | 6th Feb 2018

“Fast. Efficient. Courteous. Brumze Resumes delivered on every front with their impeccable service and professional results. I know that I’ll be turning to Brumze Resumes when the next opportunity arises.”

Aman A. | 1st Feb 2018

"Very professional and great quality. Responsive and reliable communication throughout the process."

Mohammed M. | 1st Feb 2018

"Teodor did a great job on my cover letter. First time I encountered Teodor he was professional. He asked me proper questions about my cover letter and answered all my questions without hesitation. Teodor also finished my cover letter before the deadline and the results were great. I highly recommend Mr. Dukov for his talents."“I couldn’t be happier about my choice to work with Brumze Resumes. They provided professional service, great pricing, and a guaranteed customer satisfaction. Thank you, Brumze Resumes for a job well done!”

Roman H. | 30th Jan 2018

"I was very satisfied with the job that Brumze resumes did. My resume looks so much better now!
I totally recommend Teodor, he is professional and he easily adapts to the client’s needs."

Diana C. | 28th Jan 2018

"Quickly and with a sense of urgency Teodor completed my cover letter in less than a day and it turned out very good. He also went out of his way to edit my resume free of charge!"

Sari A. | 27th Jan 2018

"Teodor is a very trustworthy person. His editing is concise and professional. He also gives some good advice. Overall, it's great."

Selena C. | 22nd Jan 2018

"I was very hesitant on getting my resume completed by someone online. When I reached out to Brumze Resumes, I received a friendly and quick response which was welcoming and professional. He was very knowledgeable about what was needed to create such a amazing quick resume and cover letter to help me with future stages in my career. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to make a statement with their resume. Thanks again."

Carrie L. | 21st Jan 2018

"Teodor helped me in securing the job I wanted. After referring him to the job posting and my updated resume he transformed my resume and crafted an exceptional cover letter with great action words. This got me to the interview where I was able to make an impression and land the career. 

My resume and cover letter is on a whole new professional level with the ability to be altered. Teodor gave me advice on how to do so with ease.

Communication with Teodor was consistent and appreciated. I would use his services again and give a recommendation to others seriously looking to increase their job prospects."

Jacoba S. | 14th Jan 2018

"Personalized, fast and affordable. Very professional."

Ryan C. | 29th Dec 2017

“Teodor did a great job with my resume and cover letter. Fast at getting back to me, when I had questions. Defiantly will recommend!!!”

Teodora P. V. | 7th Nov 2017

"I had the privilege of working with Teodor for a second time. He originally assisted, created and designed my Resume and cover letter. Almost 2 years later I called on his services again to bring my resume up to date. Its great to have my resume updated with my current position should my dream position come available."

Jackey Z. | 3rd Nov 2017

“If you are looking for help to write a resume I would sincerely recommend Brumze Resumes. I was impressed with how easy it was and Teodor was constantly in contact with me during and after the writing process I felt that he was sincere in giving me the best resume possible. Definitely a professional.”

Rob S. | 12th Apr 2017

“Very impressed and happy with the level of professionalism and how quick and efficient Teodor was with completing and helping me on my resume. Highly recommend! will use for further updates.”

Nansi A. | 7th Apr 2017

“Knowledgeable and Professional, good job Brumze!”

B. Young | 6th Dec 2016

“Teodor did a amazing job for my resume and cover letters. It took a little bit longer than I thought, but the results are spectacular! (I guess my resume is a little bit harder for him to work on as well) thank you so much for your effort again, it really helped me a lot!! I love the new looks of resume, cover letter and thank you letter! Teodor did a amazing job for my resume and cover letters. It took a little bit longer than I thought, but the results are spectacular! (I guess my resume is a little bit harder for him to work on as well) thank you so much for your effort again, it really helped me a lot!! I love the new looks of resume, cover letter and thank you letter! Teodor did a amazing job for my resume and cover letters. It took a little bit longer than I thought, but the results are spectacular! (I guess my resume is a little bit harder for him to work on as well) thank you so much for your effort again, it really helped me a lot!! I love the new looks of resume, cover letter and thank you letter!”

Ying Z. | 19th Jun 2016

“Thank you to Brumze Resumes for great resume services! Very nice, easy to read and professional format!”

Anthony U. | 20th Apr 2016

“Brumze Resumes has provided me with a fantastic experience in services. Coming from someone unsure where to start with professional writing, Teodor guided me with the advice of paramount importance throughout the entire process. Brumze resume has done an outstanding job and i will be using their services in the future and certainly recommend to anyone serious about applying for a new job. 
Thank you, Teodor.”

Cody T. | 27th Mar 2016

“Thank you Teodor for your valuable outputs and tips. At first I was very skeptical about doing the business long distance, over the emails conversation. However, your quick response and even after hours conversations made the service you provide unbeatable. Moreover, your highly professional services have increased my chances of getting the position I've wanted. I would definitely recommend, you and your services for all those who need help. You've got 5stars in my scale. Keep it up. Excellent job.”

Arek S. | 16th Mar 2016

"We appreciate your professionalism, eye for detail & patience as we made you rush!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!! Ziad C"

Flora B. | 21st Feb 2016

"Thank you for updating my resume. It was great working with you."

Jackey Z. | 5th Feb 2016

"I would strongly recommend this guy. He is very patiently on doing his job and with perfection. It is really helpful for me about the work he has done. Thanks very much."

Jiye T. | 1st Jan 2016

"I needed a resume created and Teodor was up for the task. He was friendly, knowledgeable and always got back to my emails in a timely manner. Thanks again!"

Rishi B. | 10th Dec 2015

"I strongly recommend Brumze Resumes for all resumes and cover letter services!"

Kayode B. | 30th Oct 2015

"On behalf of my boyfriend, he would like to say he received exceptional service and would recommend this company to anyone! The resume that Teodor created for him, got him a full-time job within a couple weeks! The Human Resource department of this company was happy with the resume. Thank you again and everyone should use his service."

Danika N. | 17th Apr 2013

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